While divorces are considered to be highly petty, ugly, and increasingly traumatic, there are a few relationships that vow to stay amicable even after calling quits on their marriage. Consider Katy Perry and Russel Brand’s divorce in 2011 that followed after 14 months of marriage. Russel Brand thought of opting out of matrimony and considered using ‘text communication’ as a way of informing the regal pop star about his decision.

While rumours of Katy Perry’s relationships with Orlando Bloom and John Mayer have highly speculated post-marriage, the high prolific pop star and singer is still single as per claims. To this date, Russel Brand and Katy Perry behave amicably with each other, probably due to the fact that they’re celebrities and the paparazzi is always down for garnering a hot scoop.

However, with potentially qualified family law lawyers at Herbert & Lux, you can opt for a divorce if your relationship with your spouse is unsettling. If you feel that the once established connection with your spouse is no more evident between you two, then there is no harm in getting a divorce and staying friends at the same time.

Accept You Need Space

Every relationship needs personal space of its own, especially for the people involved in matrimony. After getting a divorce, realize that this can take a toll on both of your mental and physical health’s attributes. Therefore, try giving each other as much space as possible, even if you have a child who requires constant nurturing.

Check Up on Each Other

Try checking up on each other every once in a while, even if you two have parted your ways and said goodbyes to each other. It is also okay to open up to each other every once in a while, especially about the worries gripping you regarding your child’s performance.

Go Out on Family Trips

With the divorce going on, it is difficult to pursue the aspects of maintaining a family at the same time. However, after you’ve settled down, you can ask your children if they would prefer hanging out together as a family. Try to hang out as friends who have amicably ended a relationship on mutual terms, and are now moving towards carrying out their friendship with a positive outlook.

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