If you run some sort of a company, then there’s no greater joy than sitting at home, scrolling through some app on our phone and seeing your advert pop up. However, if you’re a user without any business that they’re advertising (like most of us), then ads can get pretty annoying, pretty fast. Most of the applications we download into our smartphones are free and really useful.

These days, there’s literally an app for anything – the convenience is insane, really. The ads are kind of like the price we pay for all these free and handy apps. The companies have to make money somehow, right? They do so by selling ads. Let’s say you download an app for a flashlight. This can be a pretty handy tool and will without a doubt help you use your smartphone to navigate through your home when it’s dark. You might even get a lot of attention-demanding work done with such an app.

Your free flashlight app might have a panel for advertisements somewhere as well, which is absurd considering the nature of the app, you might think. The companies that are advertising on the app are paying a lot of money to the developers. Since you don’t pay for the app when you install it, it makes sense for the developers to make their money this way. Google and Facebook also sell ads to make money.

These companies are putting in a lot of effort to make their products and services even better for all of their users and selling ads is the way to go. You can check out TrinityInsight.com if you want to learn about the income that Google generates by selling ads each year.

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