Whether you’re looking for cleaning company for your house or office, hiring the right one can be a bit difficult. Many people make big mistakes when hiring cleaning companies for cleaning their living or working space.

Here are some of the biggest red flags to avoid when looking for the perfect cleaning company.

Poor Customer Service

When you hire a cleaning company, you expect them to have a great customer service. That is because improper communication between you and them can cause major time management issues for you. This is especially applicable if you’re hiring them to clean your office.

Effective communication makes sure that your office is cleaned according to your directions. So, avoid hiring a cleaning company if their reviews complain about poor customer service.

Unclear Contract

Unclear and long contracts often mean that you won’t be getting the great service you’re looking for. Companies like these also lack in customer service. A time restricted contract can make you pay extra money for the same services.

So, choose a company that has a clear contract. Keep in mind that you must have the right to cancel their services whenever you want.

Wrong Equipment

Professional cleaning companies like Maid Sailors always have the right equipment that represent their professional services. You should ask your cleaning company about the supplies they’ll use for cleaning, and if these supplies have any health concerns or odors associated with them.

Avoid hiring a cleaning company that only uses its own cleaning supplies. You should have the right to suggest the cleaning supplies you prefer, even if it costs extra money.

No Insurance

The cleaning company you choose to hire must have a General Liability Insurance to cover any damages or items lost during their service.

Avoid hiring cleaning companies that don’t have a general liability insurance.

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