When you first start wearing a hijab, it can get awfully confusing trying to figure everything out. There are so many different materials, designs, and styles and so on. So, you might not know where to start or how to go about expanding your hijab collection. Now, you cannot expect the same 3 hijabs to work on your entire closet and on every occasion, so, we have assembled a quick and rough beginner’s guide to building your own hijab wardrobe.

  • The first thing you want to stock on are neutral colored and monochrome hijabs. So, having plain colored hijabs starting from basic colors like black, white, beige and nude allows you to be able to match a lot of clothes to a few hijabs.
  • Once you have bought your basic neutral colored hijabs, you can buy hijabs that seem to go with the most dominant color in your wardrobe. A lot of us happen to have clothes that match our favorite color or color story. So, buying hijabs that match our favorite color story helps.
  • Next, you go for a few printed hijabs in order to add some life to the plain clothes that you own. It is a matter of personal preference as to what kind of printed designs you should buy. You can even check out hijabnewlook.com for their selection in different designs and printed hijabs to see if you like anything they have to offer.
  • You also need to buy a few hijabs for formal events like weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. These are more beautifully designed scarves that features elegant designs like embroidery, pears, and beautiful piping and so on. So, you can add a few of those to your collection so that you have something to wear for any event that comes up.

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