Debt is not a very fun thing to be in but most people still end up finding themselves in it somehow. In fact, the debt in the UK is expected to rise from the current household average of £14,000 to a whopping £19,000 by the current parliament’s end. People just keep borrowing and borrowing, with optimism that they’ll be able to pay back tomorrow. Sometimes people just straight up forget that there might be consequences to paying on credit just because the option is available to them.

The mechanism of debt is a lot like developing an addiction to a drug, in a way. You pay on credit once, you get a reward out of it that you would’ve had to struggle to achieve otherwise. This makes you want to do it again. You understand what you’re getting into first and you do your best to stay above it. However, you lose control while you’re still convincing yourself that you’re in control. Before you know it, you’ve got yourself into bills that you keep paying but the debt stays in some way or the other since your financial resources are limited as well.

You see how debt creeps into your life, right? The fact that credit card companies offer you so many incentives to spend on credit doesn’t help either. It’s a rap that too many people are falling into. So, what does one do to stay out of debt? Well, the answer is really simple actually. You need to realize that debt is a very slippery slope and that if you ever want to be in control of your life, you should do your best to avoid debt. Learn to live in your boundaries, it’s possible and unlike what the media tells you, it’s a very fulfilling life.

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