Everyone has at some point in their lives wished that they could just eat steak and bacon all day and not get fat. These people would be ecstatic to know that there is a diet that actually lets you do all that! However, the question you should be asking is, is it good for you? In order to ascertain this you need to learn a bit more about the diet, including what it’s called as well as all of the specifications that you would have to follow in order to get the benefits of the diet in their entirety.

This diet is often referred to as the Carnivore Diet, but a more accurate and slightly less alarming term would be the Zero Carb diet. In this diet you basically eat nothing but meat, and there is no limitation on what kind of meat you are allowed to eat. Certain adherents of the diet might consume dairy or eggs. A good way to look at it is as a sort of anti-vegan diet. Whereas in a vegan diet you eat only plant based foods, when you are on this diet anything plant based is a huge no no.

The person that developed this diet was an orthopedic surgeon. You might be wondering what an orthopedic surgeon has to do with diets. You might also be wondering why it is being referred to in the past tense. Both of these linguistic quirks are pertinent to the matter at hand. The orthopedic surgeon in question had his medical license revoked because of the fact that he was generally incompetent and caused a lot of harm. This should tell you a lot about the diet, since the person that came up with it definitely did not command a lot of respect.

However, just because the diet was made by someone who ended up having his license revoked doesn’t mean it’s completely without its merits, right? Well, if you understand the reasoning behind the diet you will see that this is still not quite true. The diet is based on historical diets that were followed by peoples that lived in cold climates such as Eskimos. However, this diet was brought on more by necessity rather than practicality or effectiveness. Also, both Eskimos and Inuit aren’t very well known for living long, healthy lives. Their bodies have adapted to these diets over generations.

The bottom line is that you can lose some weight with this diet because of the fact that you are not eating any carbs at all and as long as you keep your portions reasonable. However, over time you are probably going to end up becoming rather malnourished. Meat doesn’t give you any of the micronutrients you need, things like vitamins and minerals that help your body function at full capacity. You can try the meat diet out if you want, it certainly sounds like fun, but malnourishment and inevitable constipation will make it tougher for you in the long run.

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