Remember the days when most of the teenagers had this wooden board with four wheels attached to it; called skateboard, on which they used to ride. Maintaining a balance on the skateboard was definitely a thing! Fast forward to today, skateboards have not lost their charm even now but like all other things, manufacturers have made several modifications to keep its charm alive. How? By adding a motor to it, to minimize the human effort to ride.

Electric skateboards come with a motor that is attached underneath the board. Like conventional skateboards, the rider does not have to push it with his foot, while the other one rests on the board, maintaining the balance. In order to ride on an electric skateboard, all you have to do is stand while both your feet rest on the skateboard as it moves and controls the speed with a throttle that is supposed to be in the rider’s hand. For changing the direction of electric skateboard, the person has to bend in the direction of intended movement. Since it is a mechanized device, definitely has greater speed than a conventional old-school skateboard. It gives a smooth ride on hills or uneven surfaces too. All it needs is to be charged! You can read more about an electric skateboard on

While riding on any skateboard, be it conventional or electric, the rider has to be careful about his own safety. Mishaps and accidents can be a part of the ride, therefore, wearing a helmet and guards is important to prevent any harm to the rider in case he falls or there is an accident.

Electric skateboards have definitely brought ease to people’s lives and without any doubt, attracts people more but is it okay to be dependent on everything mechanized and minimizing the human effort to such extent? Well, let’s just leave this debate for another day!

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