Just like many of the billionaires of the recent times, Jimmy John was also not the brightest student of his school. In fact, he graduated second to last in his final year of the high school.

He started his sandwich selling business when he was only 19 years old and just out of the high school.

Here are some additional interesting facts about Jimmy John’s, a sandwich chain made by the Jimmy John Founder, who is now a billionaire.

Everything is Fresh

Every single ingredient that goes into a Jimmy John’s sandwich is absolutely fresh. They even discard and sell one day old breads. You can buy one for just 50 cents. But do not expect an old bread to be the freshest thing in the world.

There Are Free Add Ons

The basic sandwich does not have many of the spices and sauces that are added in the other ones, so, you can just ask for free add ones and you will be pleased to know that there are many add ons available for free. However, not every add on is free and the choices are limited.

They Focus on The Speed

The business model of Jimmy John’s revolves around providing amazing sandwiches at a lightening fast speed.

If you order the sandwich on a takeaway, you are supposed to receive it within 30 seconds, and home deliveries should complete within 4 minutes.

210 Jobs Per Week

Jimmy John’s is becoming so popular that they are constantly opening a new location every day. Their expansion is happening so fast that they add another 210 jobs to their list every week.

Since their first job, they have created 45,000 jobs in total.

This is how Jimmy John’s, a national sandwich chain operates and keeps up with its ever growing demand.

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