Bed bug infestations can be hard to identify initially as the symptoms are similar to allergies, rashes and mosquito bites. The only sure way of knowing you have a bed bug infestation is to physically see one which can be tricky considering their size and their affinity to fit into surprisingly small places. The infestation usually begins when one hitchhikes its way into your home. It will then find a cozy spot on your sofa, carpet, bed or any other space it can find and nest. The infestation tends to spread from one spot to another and can quickly get out of control if it is not controlled in time.

There is very little you can do to avoid an infestation given that bed bugs are hard to spot and can be present virtually anywhere. What can be gone however is to be prepared to deal with the problem before it occurs. Hence it is important to be aware of services and websites in your local area such as | bed bug exterminator Raleigh who provide such services when needed.

Having a bed bug infestation is in no way a sign of unhealthy living as they feed solely on blood and hence are likely to infest a clean environment as much as a dirty one. There are not so much concerned with the environment as they are with the availability of food. Bed bugs tend to be more active during the night when they come out and feed on warm blooded animals, mostly humans. During the day, they prefer to hide in spaces close to their food source which is why they are mostly found in beds and sofas. It is always best to be vigilant about the presence of the bugs to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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