With flocks of people moving to cities each year, condos are popping up everywhere. However, living in a small space can be quite tough, but that shouldn’t stop you from living in style. Even simple tips and tricks can amp up your condo from average to just perfect, so here are some easy ideas to make your space look chic and modern:

Add Some Colors

Adding a splash of color here and there can instantly make your apartment more exciting. Pick a gorgeous pair of curtains or drapes to make your condo stand out. If you have light walls, contrast them with darker toned drapes for a cozier touch. However, if you want to rely on natural lighting, lighter curtains are a good option.

Incorporate Nature

Nothing symbolizes nature more than plants, and Integrating a touch of greenery in your space can make you feel connected to nature. Especially if you live in a place like Crosstown Condo that gives you the luxury of being surrounded by nature, investing in plants for your patio and indoors can act as a window to the outside world. Using artificial plants can also do the trick.

Use The Space Strategically

Perhaps, the biggest challenge of decorating small spaces is to utilize the limited space more efficiently. This can be achieved by staggering floating shelves on the walls to display your accessories while saving floor space. Take bulky furniture out of the equation and use minimalist furniture for a more modern touch.

Use Mirrors Smartly

Mirrors are known to reflect light and give the illusion of a bigger space. Placing a mirror opposite to a window is particularly effective to give a greater depth to the room. Similarly, glass table-tops make the room feel more open and add a touch of sophistication so use them to your advantage.

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