The products that you can use during a carpet cleaning endeavor have become so advanced that they use truly innovative technology that you might struggle to fathom the origin of but would nonetheless be well served by using whenever possible in some way, shape or form. Carpet cleaning is a great example of an industry that has seen some truly monumental progress on the technological front, and we are going to tell you about one of the most prominent innovations that have been made in this industry at any given point in time.

This innovation that only the best carpet cleaner Friendswood will likely know about is called emulsifying carpet cleaning. Emulsification is the process by which fats and water, which are normally repellant to each other, are suspended in a state where they seem to be mixed together even though they aren’t truly that way on a molecular level. Suffice it to say that carpet emulsification allows you to take your cleaning to a whole new level, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it manages to kill microorganisms without needing caustic chemicals such as bleach.

Instead, this technique uses oxygen to not just kill mold and bacteria but also to brighten up the colors of your rug. That makes it a worthy supplement to steam cleaning since it allows you to accentuate its performance without using any chemicals that would fray your rug or poison your beloved pets if they get too close to it. You just need to apply the emulsification agent to the rug after it has been steam cleaned because its moisture free.

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