Living in a vast open area can be amazing, especially if you’ve lived in a city before. You’ll feel so liberated and it’s a pretty easy going life. Although some would disagree with us right there; some folks like living in busier places. However, if you live in the shadows of Alaskan mountains then we’re just going to assume that you like being outdoors. A lot of people love riding their motorcycles as they explore the expanse of the roads.

Living in a place means that going on outdoor adventures is a past time activity that you kind of need to elevate the boredom. Now here’s where you need to be careful. There are many areas near the mountains where you can even get lost for a bit and might not be able to reach out for help. The closer you get to the mountains, the weaker the cell reception becomes. You could be out of range after having strayed away from your home and not be able to navigate.

When you find yourself in such a predicament, you can resort to your trusty commercial satellite image app – inReach Explorer. As the name of this app implies, it’s a satellite imaging app for those who’ve lost their way and need to find it whilst being unable to call and ask for directions. With your commercial satellite image app in your pocket, you’ll never be lost in the wilderness again.

You can use the app to find your way or even to send a satellite distress signal that other users can see. It’s an app that everyone who wants to truly explore the outdoors should always have. If everyone had an app like this, then the amount of missing person cases will be greatly reduced.

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