Engagement rings are one of the most important pieces of jewelry that remains with you long after your engagement and the wedding day. That’s why it is very important that you have your exact ring size ready all the times.

Herr is a guide to determining your perfect engagement ring size. You can also visiting sites like reartone.com for this purpose.

Learning The Basics

The determination of band fit might be one of the most complicated parts of measuring an engagement ring’s size. That is because various factors influence the final size of the ring.

Your Activities Might Impact Your Ring Size

Certain biological elements like pregnancy, diet, temperature can affect your ring size either temporarily or permanently. So, don’t be surprised if you see your finger changing its size over time. This is the primary reason why everyone has different ring sizes, because they have different life styles and different set of activities to perform or a daily bases.

Shape of Your Finger

The unique shape of your finger can influence your ring size. The sigh of a good ring finger is that it widens towards the base, and your ring would tightly fit the wide base.

Try to have snug fit if you have tampered fingers as mentioned above, because rings can easily fall off of a tapered finger if they slide up. The other types is the knotted fingers. They have knuckle as the widest of any finger. In these fingers, you’ll have to fit the ring in the middle.

Width of The Band

Width if the band is also a good factor to consider when buying an engagement ring. Wider the band of the ring, more tightly it’ll fit on your finger. However, if you want to buy a thinner ring, opt for a somewhat smaller ring size for perfect fit.

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