Stick welding is one of the oldest types of welding out there. But despite being one of the oldest welding methods out there, stick welding still remains one of the most often used welding methods. It is easier to think that stick welding is on a decline if you’ve been using might welding for some time now. But this is far from reality.

Many companies are still using stick welding, and it isn’t going anywhere, at least in the near future. This type of welding has many benefits over mig welding, flux-cored welding, tig welding, and subarc.

Here are some of these benefits for your consideration.

Cost Efficiency

Stick welding equipment is fairly cheap as compared to the equipment needed in other types of welding. This equipment is also easily available in most of the hardware stores if you’re looking to buy it for a DIY project.

Low price and easy availability of equipment makes this type of welding fairly easy and desirable.

Shielding Gas Isn’t Needed

In stick welding, the electrodes make their own shielding gas by burning the arc from the coating. So, this eliminates the need for using cylinders to provide shielding gas.

Can Be Used Outdoors

Other types of welding, like mig welding can’t be don’t easily outdoors, as high velocity wind can take away the shielding gas, and make the welding process very difficult.

With stick welding, you can easily welding outdoors. This type of welding can be done in words of up to 35 miles per hours, which is a lot more than what other types of welding allow. This type of welding is also great for metal fabrication.

Stick welding is also very versatile, and allows you to welding different types of materials. You only need to change the type of electrode used, and you’ll be all set to weld different types of materials.

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