Counselling is the exchange of words between a counselor and their client. Counselors are there to listen to the client, make them realize situations, give them advice and make impactful solutions to a problem for them. To do all these functions and be good at their job, counselors need to have good communication skills. Good communication skills will ensure that the counselor makes an actual difference in the life of his client, solving the given problem or making the client solve their problems on their own. Counseling services, such as counselling Perth, is a good examples of this.

To have a set of good communication skills, a counselor needs to do the following;

  • Be with the client physically and psychologically, this process is also known as “Attending”. Try and be in the mental state that the client is in, in order to understand where they are coming from and to listen to them from their perspective instead of the counselors own. It also means that the counselor needs to have a proper body language, in order to seem more open and trustworthy towards the client.
  • Listening to the client is another skill that the counselor has to develop. Listening and the ability to actually capture and fully understand what the client is trying to explain. The counselor should be able to figure out the verbal and the non-verbal messages that the client is trying to convey though their body.
  • The counselor should forget about themselves in the moment and show as much empathy to the client as possible
  • The counselor should be able to probe and question the client in a way that doesn’t make the client feel threatened but allows them to explore more areas of the issue that they are describing.
  • At the end of the session, the counselor should be able to summarize everything the client has told them, in order to focus on the issues that have to be solved.

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