If you have tiled or marbled floors, then you only need to make sure that you have them cleaned every two days with a soft mop or brush so that they don’t get scratched. It’s pretty much the same for wooden floors, with the added responsibility of keeping them as dry as possible. However, when it comes to carpets, there’s only so much you can do by yourself to keep them clean and after you’ve done your part, you’ll have to call for carpet cleaning East Finchley. If you like keeping your home clean, that is.

You see, even if you vacuum clean your carpets like you’re supposed to, there are some things that your vacuum cannot pull out of your carpet’s fibres. This is why it’s a good idea to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service once a year at the very least. Here are some of the things that could build up in your carpets if you don’t.

Dust And Mites

Dust carries mites with it and if the dust is left to collect in your carpets for long enough, the mites will have a breeding ground. These mites will find their way onto your skin and cause all kinds of itchy skin diseases.


If you’ve spilt food or other sticky fluids in your carpets and not cleaned them up properly, they’ll accumulate dirt and grime. This is as gross as it sounds and will visibly make your carpets look dirty and smell bad.

Mould And Bacteria

If your carpets have stayed wet for some time, then it’s very likely that mould might start to grow in them. Mould and bacteria cause all kinds of breathing problems and other diseases when left unchecked.

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