Just as plumbing is important for any building, commercial or residential, so is the correct type of plumbing. In case you choose the wrong type, you can be in great trouble!

Here in this article, you will come to know more about different types of plumbing that are most commonly used and supplied by a plumbing company. Following listed below will definitely help you choose wisely according to your need.

Copper Pipes

These are also called as metal pipes and are used very commonly. This is due to their quality of being durable and leak proof. These pipes can tolerate heat too and can be recycled too. Therefore, these are not just efficient in providing the service they are designed for but are environmentally friendly too! However, these are a little expensive than other plumbing options available in the market.

Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes

These pipes are generally called PVC pipes and are used in most residential areas as these are not that expensive and can be handled very easily. Also, these have the ability to carry water at a very high pressure, which is highly preferred! PVC pipes do not corrode easily so you do not have to install them over and over again. There is one major disadvantage of using PVC pipes, that is they cannot tolerate hot water, which might cause a problem in the winter season

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipes

Also referred to as PEX pipe, these are the most flexible pipes that you can use, as they can carry both hot and cold water and are highly heat resistant. However, there are certain studies that say it can contaminate the drinking water based on its manufacturing process

These are few of the commonly used plumbing types, you can find more options in the market for both plastic and steel plumbing.

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