Hiring a good quality pest control service can help you with best infestations, and can help avoid any type of damage to your property as well. As homeowners, it is very difficult to understand what type of insecticides should we use for professional pest extermination. This is where the professionals come in.

Professional exterminators and Commercial Extermination | A1 Pest Control of Bowling Green can easily assess the type of pest infestation in your property, and use the right type of insecticides to use in the process of removing pests.

Chemicals Used By Pest Services

Most of the best control experts use artificial insect designs which copy the action of organic pesticides. Some insecticides are very commonly used, whereas others are only used in specific scenarios.

  • If you have fleas or termites in your house, fipronil will be the best type of pesticide for your house. This insecticide affects the nervous system of the pests, and kills them. The least this insecticide can do is repel the pests from your house. Just because this pesticide can be toxic for your family members, the experts will warn you about the areas they have used it in after treating your property.
  • Another good added pesticide is piperonyl butoxide. It is added in other pesticide treatments because it is not very effective against pests on its own. Although this pesticide is not very toxic, you should still avoid getting in touch with it.

Pesticides are often mixed with other treatments to help control pests in your property in the best manner. Exposure to pesticides can also cause cancer. So, you should keep yourself away from any type of pesticide, and let the professionals handle the task.

These were some of the best pesticides used by pest treatment professionals.

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