It is considered one of the finest theatrical experiences of the modern age. A musical in its core, it is transformative theatre that hasn’t been replicated on a wider scale in the recent history of American musicals. For some, it is a genre-breaking experience, similar to the Show Boat Oklahoma, likes of which haven’t been experienced since. Although there have been many musicals over the course of time which have become memorable over time due to strong character designs or best lyrics, there is something about Hamilton that sets it apart from the rest.

For one thing, Hamilton was written by a single person, unlike its predecessors. All the work that went into making the magical experience like lyrics, score and the book itself were all done by a gentleman named Lin Manuel Miranda.  The main selling point of Hamilton is that it creates a link to the current political affairs with the glory of the past American History. The connection works wonderfully and the songs performed during the entire show give a classical ambiance to the listeners as it’s a fusion of modern and historical American culture. This is not an old play, although since it was performed for the first time merely 2 years ago, it has literally broken records and become one of the fastest grossing plays in recent times. Hamilton Musical has been performed in many venues across many cities and it has always been fully packed each show. If someone wishes to know more about Hamilton Broadway schedule and tickets, there are several websites that provide tickets at a cheaper rate.

If someone is interested in theatre in general and a fan of musicals, they should definitely take the time out and appreciate this work of art as soon as they can.

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