Many of us have wondered when we are driving between towns whether the police officer of another town can actually charge you for any traffic violations or not. It all comes down to jurisdiction and it is a matter of municipal law which has clearly stated what a police officer can and cannot do in such matters.

If you have the need to hire a lawyer for any municipal related matter or maybe you have an issue with the election law then you need to find a competent lawyer from a firm like CES Law which can offer you quality services. Coming back to the topic at hand, you need to remember that the answer is not straightforward and it might vary from region to region.

The general idea is that a police officer does not possess the authority of charging anyone with a criminal or traffic charge outside of their municipality in which they were originally appointed except for cases like:

  • If the officer has once before captured a person but somehow the prisoner has escaped from the prison and went out of the officer’s municipality then the officer can surely search for them and eventually arrest them.
  • The officer has the right to search for and capture a prisoner in another municipality if they wish to present the individual in front of the District Court as the court has given them the order to arrest that individual.
  • If the officer possesses an arrest warrant for a person but the person has escaped over to the next town then the officer can go into another municipality and arrest the person.

If you are in a bit of trouble with the officer of another municipality and you think that they are out of their jurisdiction then you should first consult a lawyer who knows their municipal laws well as such matters can only be handled by them.

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